Minnesota lessons!

10 Oct

Do you love Scandinavian folk music and live in the Twin Cities area? Sign up for a special introductory weekend of lessons today!

I’ll be in the Twin Cities area this upcoming weekend, October 14-16, to teach and recruit students. I still have available time between Friday and Sunday. I offer lessons on fiddle/violin, harding fiddle and DADGAD guitar (DADGAD = guitar tuning well suitable for Scandinavian folk music), for beginners and advanced students. I will bring an extra fiddle and a harding fiddle for those who don’t have their own instrument yet, but would like to try. I also teach Norwegian and Scandinavian tunes and styles on most other melodic instruments.

If you are interested, or know anyone that might be, feel free to share this post or contact me.

My rates for this recruitment trip are:
$60 an hour
$45 for 45 minutes
$30 for 30 minutes

Special rate this trip: 2 hours for $100.

Group lessons can be shared with others at the same rates.

All the best