Play it again, Ole!

10 Jul

CD release concert in Decorah IA, July 28th.

The New Ole Hendricks Orchestra is reviving the charming repertoire of a rare 1890s tune book compiled by Norwegian born fiddler Ole Hendricks (1851-1935.) Ole became a bandleader in Minnesota playing quadrilles, polkas, reinlenders, and waltzes. We are proud to announce our CD, “Play It Again, Ole!”

The concert is at The Lingonberry, Decorah IA, July 28th at 1:30 pm.
Free admission!

A new duo with me and Patrik Ahlberg :)

3 May

This summer I’ll be touring with Patrik Ahlberg – a Swedish fiddler and multi-instrumentalist from Sweden, residing in America. More info about our tours will follow soon. Until then, please enjoy this new video:

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Hello America :)

17 May

Sweet Home Chicago!

I’ve transplanted from Norway to my new home in the cozy North West side of Chicago. I’m getting settled in and am excited to say that I have several new projects in the works. Part of acclimating to full time living here has brought me to the Chicago Spelemannslag and the monthly Scandinavian jam session. There’s a growing group of musicians with an interest in Scandinavian folk music in Chicago. The trad Irish sessions are also thriving, here and in Milwaukee.

In the near future my music studio will be open for business. If you, or someone you know is, interested in learning more about Norwegian/Scandinavian folk music, harding fiddle, regular fiddle, DADGAD guitar or Greek bouzouki contact me for lessons or engagements.

I’ll be posting more soon!
Vidar 🙂